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John has a B.A. in Business Administration with an emphasis in Economics. Was employed as an Account Executive with Merrill Lynch before launching his own manufacturing business in 1988 and, has recently received training in retirement and pension planning. John, currently, is stock trading for private accounts.
Why are you running for this office?

    I am a business owner and have seen and experienced firsthand, like myriads of business owners across the country, the direct result of our weak trade policies. Trade policies like Free Trade Act With Asia, the newly proposed Free Trade with China, NAFTA, and the newly proposed Transpacific Partnership have wiped out American manufacturing jobs. Quality manufacturing jobs have always been an economic foundation of our country and this is why the founding fathers and our past leadership have always protected American Industries. Unfortunately, our present leadership has embraced free trade with countries that exploit labor, breach basic human rights, and squash freedom; all of which have had a direct and serious impact on our economy. Weak foreign trade policies have increased government spending, decreased revenue and financially crushed middle class families. Our current political dissentions, increase spending, increase deficit, debt, and government shutdown are simply symptoms of our loss of quality jobs in the United States that have been exported to foreign competition. We need new leadership in the 14th Congressional District that will steer our country back to the traditional economic policies American leadership has always embraced since the inception of The United States.
Phone: 815-575-1092
Address: 6316 Johnsurg Rd. Spring Grove, IL 60081
"A free society is a working society and, it begins with products being made in The United States"
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